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Fanfiction Index

Posted on 2015.05.03 at 21:09
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An index of my fanfiction! (Does exactly what it says on the tin)

Life on Mars:

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
(2,849 words) Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. My 2009 LoM Ficathon entry, to the prompt 'Sam meets the Missus, too much alcohol, comedy/drama'. In which Sam goes to dinner at Gene's house, and Gene gets jealous.

In the Shadows
(850 words) Gen. Blue Cortina. Warning - scene of attempted rape. Sam, Gene and Annie carry out a sting operation. Noir style.

Taking Chances
(2262 words) Sam/Gene, Brown Cortina. PWP. Sam and Gene settle their differences. And a special guest puts in an untimely appearance. Guten tag.

Those Two Imposters
(3200 words) Gen. Basically, Gwen (shame on you if you have to ask!) goes missing, and things take a rapid downhill turn.

(836 words) Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. A peek into the domestic world of emo!Sam and emotionally stunted!Gene. In response to a rant from fawsley and saintvic, to whom this fic is dedicated.

(2302 words) Gen. Blue Cortina. Sam has trouble telling dreams from reality.

A Perfect Saturday Night
(4091 words)Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina for safety's sake. Written for the rounds_of_kink challenge comm, prompt: h/c, "You're just trying to get your poof hands on me." Gene and Sam find themselves in trouble when a warehouse observation goes wrong.

Who Needs Words?
(546 words)Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. PWP - Sam talks dirty. Inspired by a discussion on effective use of sexual language and imagery in slash fiction.

Unrequired Love
Sam/Gene. Green Cortina. Drabble (100 words) - Sam tries to declare his feelings for Gene.

Intimacy Issues
(494 words). Sam/Gene - brown Cortina with vague reddish tinges. Total crack. (BDSM references) Sam and Gene are looking for different things from their relationship. Warning for apostrophe misuse.

Fitness First
(3900 words)Gen. Green Cortina for a bit of swearing. Sam decides it's time for the team to get fit. Predictably, he doesn't receive universal support.

(3067 word)Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. Sequel to Fitness First. Sam and Gene make a small wager.

(912 words)Gen. Green Cortina. Sam and Oswald have a philosophical conversation.

Two Riders
(888 words). Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. Sort of snarky fluff. Sam tries to get Gene to use the L word.

Jumping Off
(1200 words)Gen. Blue Cortina. AU set during 1.01 - what would have happened if Sam had jumped?

In the Detail
(1039 words)Sam/Oswald. Red Cortina - disturbing themes and imagery. Set during 2.05, in the interval between the lights going out and Sam waking up in the locker room. Sam's drugged mind attempts to make sense of the case.

(2198 words)Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina - PWP. Sam and Gene stuck in a lift together!

Second Best
(1300 words)Sam/Gene (mild), Sam/Annie, Gene/The Missus. My only het to date! Angst alert - Sam and Gene cannot have each other, so they settle for what they can have. Note: this was written as a follow-up to You Who Pretend to Sleep by i_am_the_crime.

Mr Benn
(1547 words)Gen, white Cortina. Crack cracky mcCrackity, the clue is in the title. Set at the beginning of ep 2.05. Sam goes through a door into another world. Written in response to a meme set by fiandyfic, the prompt words were dinosaurs, pirates and retcon.

The Consequences of Sherbet
(2,500 words). Sam/Gene - brown Cortina. Set within and immediately after 2.04. The repercussions of being stuck in a car watching Gene eat sherbet are far-reaching. (Written for the 2007 Ficathon).

Equal and Opposite
(8600 words)Gen. Brown Cortina for violence and some swearing. Plot-centred fic, includes death of minor canon character. A body is found, and Gene takes it personally. And Sam gets captured!

One Hundred and Eighty
Sam/Gene, mild slash, blue Cortina. Written for the 1973flashficSports Challenge. Sam and Gene play darts.

Life Before Mars - Part One, Part Two
(6878 words) Gen. Blue Cortina for language. Draws upon canon (and a fair amount of guesswork!) to provide Sam with a back story. Finishes at the start of 1.01, but spoilers abound if you know what you're looking at.

Choose Life - Part One, Part Two
(5066 words) Gen. Green Cortina. Set immediately post-2.08, so spoilers for the ending. Sam discovers that life over the rainbow isn't going to be as easy as he thought. Nelson tells all about how he came to be there in the first place, and Sam realises that things aren't as they seem. Some angst.

The Eyes Have It
(556 words)Sam/Gene. Blue Cortina. Sam and Gene argue about eye colour. Prompted by a discussion about how Gene's eyes were represented in fic.

The World's Best Hangover Cure
(1365 words) Slash - Gene/Sam. Brown Cortina. Kinky PWP, featuring Gene, Sam, handcuffs, gunplay, an improvised gag, you know, that sort of stuff.

Like Father, Like Son
(1600 words) Gen. Green Cortina. Canon character death. The events of 2.08 and beyond, as seen from the perspective of Ruth Tyler. Spoilers for everything, especially the finales of both series.

The Longest Journey
(1355 words) Gen. Blue Cortina. Ep insert - fits within, and therefore contains spoilers for, 2.08. An attempt to provide a missing scene, whereby Sam and Gene have some kind of meaningful dialogue, and to give an insight into how Sam was able to go through with Morgan's plan - but still see Gene as a person.

They Just Don't Get It
(300ish words)Gen. White Cortina. OC. Written in a frenzy of anticipation on the day 2.08 was broadcast, to try and relieve some of the tension.

Stop Look Listen
(1500 words)Sam/Gene. Brown Cortina. Two words - kinky squirrelsecks! Sort of ep insert, fits into ep 2.07.

Moment of truth
(1500 words)Gen. Green Cortina. Written after 2.07, as an exploration of the ending I apparently wanted at the time. Sam is faced with a choice.

(816 words)Gen. Green Cortina. Sam/Maya. Angst alert. The Test Card Girl has a secret to share. (Written for the 1973flashfic Secrets challenge.)

Nobody Dies Today
(362 words)Gen. Green Cortina. Set during, and therefore spoilers for, 1.06. As the time ticks away, the team contemplate their fate. (Written for the 1973flashfic Enclosed Space challenge.

Do Not Go Gentle
(100 words)Gen - white Cortina. Drabble. My first LoM fic. Set sort of within 1.01 - what might have happened if Sam had decided to keep on walking.


(800 words) Sam/Dean. Slash - R. Wincest. Written for this Sam and Dean drabble-a-thon. Sam wants the truth from Dean, and he's prepared to play dirty.

A Kind of Hush
(1500 words) Sam/Dean. NC17. Written for spnkink_meme. Wincest, fear-of-discovery, mild breathplay. Bobby's house has thin walls.

Boredom's a Bitch
(3,879 words). Sam/Dean. NC17. Wincest, gunplay, PWP. Set immediately after Nightshifter (Season 2), adn with some spoilers for that episode. Dean is on lockdown, and getting bored. And a bored Dean is a dangerous Dean.

Love and, you know, stuff
(962 words)Gen. My first try at writing SPN fic. Just a standard post-gig in-car conversation, whereby Sam bares his soul and Dean doesn't, kind of.

The Professionals

What Really Matters
(c.2000 words) Gen, or Bodie/Doyle pre-slash, depending on your goggles! PG13. Written for the Discovered in the Christmas Tree challenge on discoveredinalj. (The prompt was a chocolate tree decoration, but it's not a focus of the story!). A bit of a look at how Bodie and Doyle like to spend Christmas, and what happens one year when circumstances of the job get in the way.

Top Trumps
(723 words) Bodie/Doyle. Slash - PG13. Written for the Discovered in a Christmas Stocking challenge on discoveredinalj, to the prompt 'Top Trumps'. Bodie and Doyle on stakeout. Dialogue!fic.

(313 words) Bodie/Doyle. PG13. Dialogue!fic, written for callistosh65's birthday. Bodie and Doyle enjoy a night under the stars.

Man Without a Clue
(1350 words) Bodie/Doyle, R. Written for the Discovered on Valentine's Day challenge at discoveredinalj. Bodie comes to a realisation and tries to keep it from Doyle. With no noticeable success.

(1909 words) Bodie/Doyle. Slash - NC17. PWP, basically. Written for the first Briefing Room challenge on the_safehouse. Doyle and Bodie seldom get the chance to have a lazy afternoon, but Doyle has a few surprises planned when they do.

(1833 words)Bodie/Doyle. Slash - NC17. Bodie and Doyle communicate so much without words.

First Class Conversation
(1980 words)Bodie/Doyle. Slash - R. Written for the June 2008 Discovered Out of Context fic challenge, to the prompt (a quote from the film Goodbye Girl) "You know I love listening to you talk. I hate living with you but your conversation is first class."

(2000 words)Bodie/Doyle. Slash - NC17. Takes place immediately after the events of Hunter/Hunted.

Taking the Bait
(6526 words)Gen. R rating for violence. My first full-length fic in any fandom, or indeed in any context since childhood - this is the fic that started it all! An old adversary with a grudge decides to get even.

Doctor Who

Reasons not to let the TARDIS get bored
(1,439 words) Slash - R, maybe? Tenth Doctor/Bodie/Illya Kuryakin. A pleasingly cracky little number which came about as a result of one of those shag/marry/throw off a cliff memes. It's set in Ten's 'verse throughout, so not a crossover as such. Also, it's first-person Ten POV.

(4100 words)Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master, Jack Harkness/Simm!Master. NC-17 for slash, dark themes, violence, non-con, sort of character death (recurring, if you get my drift!) Spoilers for Utopia, TSoD, LotTL. Set during the missing year aboard the Valiant.

Power Play
(1459 words)Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master (mild slash). Rated NC-17 for slash references, but there's nothing explicit. Written immediately after TSoD, the Master meets with the captive Doctor aboard the Valient. A sort of fix-it fic, written pretty much entirely with the aim of restoring the pretty and getting a proper Simm-Tennant face-off.

(557 words)Fifth Doctor/Ainley!Master. Mild slash, rated 15 for dark themes. The Master takes control of the Doctor's mind.


Downstage Right
(508 words) Man From UNCLE - Napoleon/Illya. Slash, PG. Set during the ep 'The Off-Broadway Affair'. Napoleon watches from the wings as Illya performs.

Out of Time
(735 words)Gen, white Cortina. Life on Mars/Doctor Who crossover. Sam is finding it tricky to come to terms with life in 1973, for some reason.

Meeting of Minds
(5000+ words) Slash - Sam/Doyle. Life on Mars/Professionals crossover. DC Doyle (in his pre-CI5 days, for timeline accuracy) is sent to Manchester to help with a case.
Can be read as a stand-alone, but is in fact the middle story of a three-part series in collaboration with dorcas_gustine, who did One in Every Port (Sam/Bodie) and followed up with Old Habits Die Hard (Bodie/Sam/Doyle, Sam/Gene).

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