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dark Dean

Life on Mars, S2 Ep 6

Posted on 2007.03.28 at 11:27
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Well, so far I've watched it twice.  The first time, I just loved it.  The second time, I found all the plot holes - but still loved it.  I'll watch it again tonight in depth, but for now, these are my musings!

1)  The Maya sequence at the beginning was interesting.  I freeze-framed all the flashes as I thought, finally, we might see something of where 2007 Sam (if such a thing exists) actually is.  And we saw Maya in a modern setting - but not a hospital.  It looked like it may well have been their flat.  And some of the voiceover at the start sounded like the mobile phone call that Maya made to Sam in ep 1 s 1, which was edited out.  So still no conclusive proof that there is a hospital room.  (Cos there ain't!)

2)  I have no idea who stabbed Deepak in hospital.  That was a dodgy bit of plot there - they made this big thing of going to the mortuary and finding the stab wound, then nothing about who actually did it.  If Ray missed a visitor, there should have been reference to this later.  It may be that Ravi was about tell all when Big Bird shot him, but how would he know?

3) Following on from this, I don't think there's any established evidence that Lesley Roy was anything other than a baddie.  IF (and this is entirely my supposition) she was in league with Big Bird and Toolbox, this would clear up a lot.  She could have stabbed Deepak, she knew where Sam and Annie were going to find Ravi, in fact she told them where to go - which is where they got knocked on the head etc.  She lied to Sam throughout, every time we saw her she was revealing something else she'd not told the truth about.

Sam is a gullible fool, especially when it comes to women, who is prepared to believe any old tosh.  Lesley is bad, Joni was bad, quite possibly Annie is bad.

4)  I've been wondering for ages now what the consequences would be if Sam got knocked on the head.  (And also I wanted to see him get knocked out and tied up, cos i'm shallow!)  It was interesting that he woke up in the same world and the same storyline that he got knocked out in.  Is this evidence that he actually is physically present in '1973 world'?

5)  How horrid was Gene to Chris?  I can see all the reasons for that, I think in a sense Gene is actually right about Chris being the kind of naive sort that could get hooked on drugs, especially in 1973 when people were less aware of the consequences.  And obviously it was set up so that Chris saving them at the end was a feature.  But this was not made much of, which makes me wonder if this theme has more mileage in it yet.

6)  The Dorothy references.  Of course.  They're stacking up now, Yellow Brick Roads and stuff all over the place.  These two Dorothys seemed a tad crowbarred in to me.  'Come over all Dorothy'?  Did anyone ever say this?  Ever?  Sure, we know what it means, but still - clunky.

7)  Loved Rocket Man and the scene surrounding it.  Loved the references to Sam being an exile, and understanding the position of the Ugandan Asians in a foreign environment.  Loved Sam's reaction to coma Deepak, and his own description of his 'friend', in a coma and not getting better.  Coming to terms with the situation.

Oh, and of course 

8)  Sam and Gene.  Gene and Sam.  Absolutely gorgeous cop.  Words cannot describe how thrilled I am!


a_starfish at 2007-03-28 20:10 (UTC) (Link)
Annie is bad? Nooo!!!! (But it'd be rather cool if she was, even though I don't think she is)

And regarding the whumping of Sam, shallow or not, I too was delighted. :D For a moment I thought he'd been injected with heroin (ala the French Connection) but the iron was suitably painful instead. And he was wearing the shirt with the iron burn on it at the hospital later so bonus points to continuity there even if there were a few plot holes elsewhere. :)
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2007-03-29 11:21 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, bad me! I didn't spot the iron burn at the hospital. Thanks for giving me the ideal excuse to watch again! (I know, I'm on my own with Evil!Annie - but I'm staunch in my isolation).
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