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Writers' Meme

Posted on 2008.11.13 at 13:49
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This is really for writersonmars. And will be linked accordingly. Although (because I'm such a rebel, one of the fics I've spotlighted is a Pros one! Hee!

Favourite fic: Taking the Bait
This was my very first fic, and is Professionals fandom (the rest are LoM, promise!) It's lurked on my LJ since before I had friends, and I've never posted it to a comm, because it's (gasp!) gen. But I read it more often than most of my fics, and I'm still proud of it, even though I've improved my technique since. I went into writing to write eps I would enjoy watching, and I've only achieved this twice. This was one.

Least favourite fic: Classico. I wrote it for the 2008 Ficathon, and I hate it. And I'm not providing a link, neither!

Longest fic: Turns out it's Equal and Opposite, at 8600 words. I was sure I'd written longer, but apparently not. Anyway, this is the other fic where I managed to write an ep I'd like to see.

Shortest fic: I've written any number of drabbles, which I do count as stories, but it would be a random choice. The shortest I've written above this, at about 350 words, is an ep insert for 1.06 called Nobody Dies Today.

Strangest fic: I guess this would be Mr Benn. A cracky sort of AU, except it fits in with canon in that it's the dream Sam has just before the Camberwick Green dream. Teach him to fall asleep in front of Watch with Mother, won't it? XD Contains my personal favourite creation, the Littonosaurus.

Most Unpleasant fic: Ah yes. In the Detail. Sam/Oswald. Again, it's Sam dreaming. He has pretty graphic dreams at times.

Most surprising reception: Possibly In the Detail - I didn't realise quite how nasty it was until I was told so! Other than that, maybe Fitness First. I quite liked it, but it was a bit more comedic than the stuff I usually write, and I was surprised and delighted with how well it went down. And that there was such a clamour for a sequel. I basked, I did!

Funniest fic. Humour is such a subjective thing, isn't it? The fic I find the funniest personally is One Hundred and Eighty, which I wrote for the Sports challenge on 1973flashfic. Dialogue fic, Sam and Gene have a game of darts.

Most angst-ridden: Second Best. Contains my only ever het (Sam/Annie and Gene/the Missus). Sam and Gene cannot have each other, so they settle for what they can have. It was as a result of this story that I realised some people are sensitive to angst! I think I'm a bit too jaded at times.

Smuttiest fic: Well, this is the hardest to decide, inevitably - how do you choose between rimming in a lift or handcuffs and gunplay? I'm going with the latter, just because it's closest to my heart kink-wise. The World's Best Hangover Cure.

There you go!


lozenger8 at 2008-11-13 14:26 (UTC) (Link)
Equal and Opposite is quite possibly tied for first place as my favourite ever LoM fic, but, you know, I'm your number one fan. *conceals shrine*
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