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Life, the universe and everything.

Posted on 2008.12.02 at 10:04
Current Mood: busy
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Typical. For the first time in forever, I've got three half-finished fics on the go. So RL comes along, says 'I see what you're up to there' and chucks a huge wave of unnecessary crap at me (with which I will not bore you, dear reader, as it's not even interesting crap). I will get them up this week, come hell or high water. (If you're watching, elfinessy, this includes yours - it will be there, I promise! :) )

In the meantime, just to prove I'm still alive, a rambly post about stuff.

1) Life:

By which I am referring to the US cop show currently airing on ITV3 in the UK. I'm loving this show far more than I ever expected to love a show with no realistic slash partnership (I don't count that guy he lives with, I'm afraid). What surprises me is that I've not seen anything about this on the interwebs - I don't know if that's because nobody's watching or nobody else likes it!

For the uninitiated, Damian Lewis plays a cop who went to prison for 12 years before having his conviction overturned. He's now back on the force and struggling to re-integrate. Like a sort of reverse Life on Mars, he's got this whole new society to adjust to, mobile phones, internets, techno-jargon etc. (As an aside, I'd have picked Lewis over O'Mara for the US LoM any day of the week. Still not Simm, but definitely a huge improvement).

The style is an interesting blend of harking back to the old days of the 70s/80s buddy-cop show, but with a modern balance (the sidekick and the starutory belligerent boss are both females, for a start). Also there's a running theme, as Lewis tries to find out who framed him. Assuming someone actually did. Bit like that business with the wall full of pictures of swords in Bonekickers only less naff!

I'm hugely enjoying this show, and have even started to like the partner despite her being a girl. (I'm not great at the liking of female characters in general, Donna Noble notwithstanding). Anyone else seen it at all?

2) The Universal Export saga:

I went to see Quantum of Solace last night. Goldeneye it ain't. Even by Bond standards, it was formulaic. The whole 'M tries to keep Bond under control, then chucks him to the wolves, then changes her mind' has been done to death now. On the plus side, I think Craig's characterisation is developing very nicely - now he just needs a story worthy of his skill.

On the minus side, the villain was very weak, and I think that makes or breaks a Bond film - a lot hinges on the dynamic between Bond and the villain, and the excitement arises from the possibility that the villain might just win. Which is a big ask, given that we all know Bond always wins in the end. In this case, Bond was just invulnerable. And therefore there was very little tension. Some nice set pieces though - and, having lived in Siena, I was pleased to see that the rooftop chase actually worked geographically! Well, just about.

3) Everything:

Hmm. John Barrowman gets his bits out on the radio (yes, that's the radio), one person complains (yes, that's one) and suddely we've got Sachsgate 2 on our hands.

Incidentally, that whole Ross/Brand thing. Leaving aside the phone calls, am I the only person that actually thought Brand's Apology Song was hilarious? Still creases me up now:

I'd like to apologise
For these terrible attacks
Andrew Sachs

I'd like to express my contrition
To the max
Andrew Sachs

(HEH! Me likey!)

OK, that's me done for now! Off to write fic. After I've shouted at my garage again.


Mrs Tufty
fawsley at 2008-12-02 10:44 (UTC) (Link)

Oh you lucky women! I studied/taught Sienese art history in a former life and just love the place. Must go back again...

Haven't seen new Bond film yet though somewhat described it to be as Quantum of Bollocks. Which might also refer to Barrowman's Bits...
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 10:50 (UTC) (Link)
Quantum of Bollocks. Which might also refer to Barrowman's Bits...

HEE! That works so well on so many levels!

The Bond film's OK. I was disappointed, because I'd managed to avoid most of the publicity except for Daniel Craig's enthusing. I'd still take it over the tat of the Roger Moore era. And Daniel Craig spends a lot of time looking deliciously grubby! So there are pluses!

I adore Siena. I did Italian and French at Uni, and spent my year abroad in Siena. Drank loads of strong coffee and fine vino, got chatted up by utterly charming men, did no work to speak of. It was BRILLIANT!
Mrs Tufty
fawsley at 2008-12-02 10:54 (UTC) (Link)
I'm so jealous. Siena has to be one of my all-time favourite places. A year there... *sighs*

Jazz, Italy, hot nekkid men doing filthy things to each other - so much we have in common!
birggitt at 2008-12-02 12:10 (UTC) (Link)
Damn! I'm sorry about RL. She does that kinds of stuff to me, too. All time!
I have been pondering about how wise would be to me watch Life Mostly, because, for what I heard about it, sound like a quite good show. And there is the problem. Do I need yet another show?
Me, being me, I guess I'll end dl and watching it *headdesk* What can I say? I'm a weak woman!
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 12:23 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry about RL.

Thank you! :D There's nothing properly bad going on, I should say - some of it is actually good stuff (singing etc) - it's just come at an inconvenient time fic-wise and must therefore be considered a Bad Thing!

I know what you mean about 'yet another show', but at least Life doesn't seem to have a fandom, so that saves some time! If you do watch it, please let me know what you think, even if it's negative - I'd really love a second opinion. :)
birggitt at 2008-12-02 12:35 (UTC) (Link)
So, good things with horrible timming? Well, I think they still beat bad things with whatever timming ;)

Well, not fandom is, indeed, something to considere *laughs* Would you be surprised if I say I've a new tab already open? In ishunt? No? Yeah, me neither *facepalms*
Strike while the irony is hot
draycevixen at 2008-12-02 12:33 (UTC) (Link)

I'm sorry about your getting bogged down by RL stuff. *hugs you*

As to Life, I wouldn't get too attached. :( It's been buried in an obscure time slot in the States opposite much more popular shows so I wouldn't be at all suprised if it gets cancelled. Ratings are *everything* here which is why innovative telly like Pushing Daisies has already been axed.

Oh, Quantum of Solace had plot? I was too busy looking at Craig and laughing at things going Boom! that defied the laws of physics... come to think of it, Craig... *g*
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 12:49 (UTC) (Link)
He does have lovely eyes, doesn't he? ;D My fave aspect was definitely how beaten up and filthy they kept making him be. And wet. And occasionally naked. :DDD

(Innovative design, you say? One big fuel cell? Rather unstable? Most interesting. I wonder what's going to...ah.)

That's sad news about Life. Contrarily, that makes me more inclined to get attached!

Edited at 2008-12-02 12:50 (UTC)
Strike while the irony is hot
draycevixen at 2008-12-02 13:38 (UTC) (Link)

Well in Casino Royale he's naked for a fair percentage of time while being tortured... hey, I'm still talking here and there's you running off to rent it. *sniffs* That's why people have slashed that film to death.

Actually, Craig is very comfortable doing nude scenes like his ones with Derek Jacobi in Love is the Devil.

I understand how that makes you more attached. That's how I felt about Brimstone after they cancelled it.
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 14:18 (UTC) (Link)
Mmm. That nekkid torture scene. I'm fairly sure it was meant to be uncomfortable/borderline horrific to watch, and that appreciating the aesthetics at such a time makes me a Bad Person! Ah well.

(I actually preferred Craig's characterisation in QoS. For me, he was a bit too taciturn in CR. That would be the only aspect I preferred though.)
Strike while the irony is hot
draycevixen at 2008-12-02 14:28 (UTC) (Link)

Some of the JB/Le Chiffre slash fic written for CR will make you swallow your own tongue... Or so I'm told. *bats innocent eyelashes*
GRITS in Misery
gritsinmisery at 2008-12-02 13:51 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, agreed with you 100% on QoS. Except that M "chucked him to the wolves" on purpose, b/c she couldn't officially sanction what she knew it would take for him to get the bad guy.

But oh, Spaghetti Monster, serious lack of both proper bad guy (I thought sure there'd be a real bad guy he was working for / sucking up to who would kill him off) and a real plot. *shakes head* And not enough of Craig's birthday suit, either, although what showed up was mighty fine. Oh -- the "proper" Bond girl was fairly decent (a little lacking in personality as compared to Vesper) but the whole "bad guy kills the girl Bond sleeps with" schtick? Aren't we past that now? And don't talk to me about it being a "homage" to the death in Goldfinger; it Just. Wasn't. Necessary.

Also -- completely with you on the RL popping in to harsh on my mellow.
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 14:22 (UTC) (Link)
(I thought sure there'd be a real bad guy he was working for / sucking up to who would kill him off)

That would have totally made the film. They need you writing for them.

The Goldfinger homage was an irritant, for sure. On its own I could have coped, but there were so many references to previous Bond films that it became more of a 'Best of Bond' montage than a film in its own right. I'm not impressed - you wait so long for new Bond films, and now this. And (as usual well behind the rest of the world) I then discover that Harry Potter's not coming out till July. Bah.
hambelandjemima at 2008-12-02 18:02 (UTC) (Link)
And (as usual well behind the rest of the world) I then discover that Harry Potter's not coming out till July.
I know! Bastard Warner Bros! I wish I could say I'll be boycotting their films but that won't work because HARRY POTTER!!

I haven't seen Q of S. We'll probably wait for the dvd release now :(
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2008-12-02 18:51 (UTC) (Link)
We'll probably wait for the dvd release now

Oh, there's always good reasons for seeing it on the big screen - you've got the traditional chase across buildings, the traditional speedboat feature, the traditional aeroplane thing (you see? They're shoving in every Bond cliche!) which all look fab in LARGE with lots of NOISE!

Having said that, things like the fight scenes were so choppily cut that I think they'd actually be easier to appreciate on a smaller screen.

I'm glad I saw it at the cinema, I just wish I'd had slightly lower expectations going in.
saintvic at 2008-12-02 21:17 (UTC) (Link)
Life seems to have managed to pass me by. But it sounds great so I might try and catch the next ep.

I quite enjoyed Quantum of Solace although I agree Craig deserves better. I found it worked better when I imagined I had watched it straight after Casino Royale.

a lot hinges on the dynamic between Bond and the villain
And I agree with this whole heartedly. I think this was a problem in the Brosnan movies as well.

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