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*hops on the LoM ficfest bandwagon*

Posted on 2009.02.02 at 13:22
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Clever draycevixen has come up with this cunning plan to get some Life on Mars fic being produced.

The 'rules' are:

Post a Life on Mars story prompt to your LJ so that your Life on Mars friends can see it. (ed. note - this is open to everyone on my flist, just in case someone unexpected fancies a bash at it! :D)

You may then choose to write a story of *any* length based on *any* of the story prompts that you then see offered in turn by the fen on *your* flist (except for your own prompt of course).

Don't post a prompt if you're NOT willing to write something, but also don't feel like this is the Sword of Damacles hanging over your head as if RL proves to be a bit of a bastard we'll understand. *g*

Don't tell anyone you're picking up *their* prompt -- prompts should be open to anyone who wants them (you know every story would be different anyway).

The story is due at the end of March-ish... although December is also acceptable. I did say this was supposed to be low stress, didn't I? *g* Post it to the com or just to your LJ, as you will.

My prompt - not especially original, just what I'm in the mood for reading at the moment:
When an undercover op goes wrong, Sam is taken captive. The team must race against time to find him and get him back before he is killed. Can be gen or slash (Sam/Gene, ideally, you know me!). Plenty of Sam-in-mortal-peril stuff, and bonus points for handcuffs! *g*


Strike while the irony is hot
draycevixen at 2009-02-02 14:11 (UTC) (Link)

Always with the handcuffs... *whistles*
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