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dark Dean

Thoughts on LoM 2.07

Posted on 2007.04.04 at 18:33
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First thought has to be - OMG, just one more left.  (Weeps copiously).  Suddenly I realise I've invested far too much emotion in this - but now it's too late.  I am taking all sorts of steps not to be spoilt for the last ep, and so far this has been successful.  Although the Radio Times front cover told me more than I wanted to know, so if you haven't seen it and you're trying to avoid spoilers - don't look.  The TV Gods, whoever they are, are on my side though - this is the first time I haven't watched the BBC4 ep, so managed by happy accident to avoid the trailer they inexplicably decided to air.

1)  The choices of music were interesting.  A lot of the incidental music was playing with the theme tune.  My musician OH pointed out that, at times, the theme was reversed.  Hmm.  What can this mean?  Also, no 70s music at the end.  As per the very first ep.

2)   There is NO WAY that Sam should have let Gene walk off in that state. 'I'm hammered, I'm angry, I've just thrown a brick through someone's window, and now I'm going back to their house to find my gun'.  'Oh, okay then, off you go'.   ???? I don't think so!  Although I concede that Sam had spent the entire evening fielding abuse from Gene.  Still, not happy with this.  Seems either very out of character, or a pointer.

3)   Loved Gene in Sam's shirt.  Loved Gene's 'I thought I'd never see your lovely face again' comment to Phyllis.  And especially (although I know not everyone did) I ADORED Gene's lawyer.  And the reactions of everyone else.  Here we were, all creeped out by Frank Morgan, and this bloke just shuts him up!  Tell me Phil Glenister wasn't trying to keep a straight face.  

4)   Ah yes, the uber-creepy Frank Morgan.  The touches of 2007 weren't restricted to a modern policing approach.  He used phrases that would never have been considered in 1973.  Hearts and minds, for example.  He is definitely not from 1973, Hyde or otherwise.  Which still plays to my pet theory that there isn't a 1973.  The office door closing so quickly was a nice creepy touch.  

5)  The Road Safety thing was interesting.  OK, it may just have been a device to be a bit sexist to Annie and enable the use of a Tufty costume (for which, thanks!).  I don't think so, though.  I reckon Frank Morgan deliberately sidelined Annie from this op, for reasons which will become clear. (Bad Annie!).  And it was interesting how Sam went along with it.  Is he as in the dark as we're meant to think?  His reactions to Frank's speech about getting him home were pretty low-key.

6)   While on Evil!Annie (another pet theory!), note that it was her who first stated categorically that Gene was guilty.  At the time, Sam was just pointing out that Gene had been taking backhanders.  A fair angst source for Sam, but hardly earth-shattering news.  And for those who had known him for a while, this fact would not immediately lead to 'ergo he's a murderer'.

7)   Oh, the beautiful Gene/Sam relationship continues to grow and grow.  Gene trusts Sam, calls him first, wants him to lead the investigation (although he lies to him without hesitation about his own involvement in the boxing club).  Sam trusts Gene, showing no concern about finding himself alone in his flat with a possible double murderer.  (Gene gets Sam against the wall - and sent my imagination off into overdrive again!  I love those moments!)

8)  Sam makes a conscious decision to trust Gene, in the flat the next morning.  'I didn't kill them'.  'I know'.  From that moment, Sam's character changes, he becomes happier and more relaxed.  If his comment to the TCG about 'I'm afraid if I stop fighting I'll die' has meaning, I'd say that was the moment he decided to stop fighting.  It also links to what he says to Annie later, about when you don't know what to trust, start with what's in front of you.  He's decided to embrace this world.  Which apparently is not what Frank Morgan thinks he's doing.

9)  The dream phone calls.  Obviously the voices, I'd agree it sounded like Gene and Annie calling for Sam's help.  Also, there was a frantic beeping in one call which sounded like an alarm of some sort.  Whether this was a hospital noise suggesting Sam is critical, or some other alarm, or just a sound effect, remains to be seen.

10)  Ray.  You've got to love him for his consistency.  Despite what he said in Ep 3, which I'm convinced he only said to show Sam up in front of Gene, he has never liked or trusted Sam.  In this ep, ray gives away in the boxing ring that he believes Gene is guilty.  He hates himself for thinking this, and feels he's betraying his mentor.  So he transfers all this ill-feeling onto Sam.  Who lets him, which is nice.

11)  The actual plot (by which I mean the boxing thing) was - not bad.  It was obvious who was guilty, and the denouement at the end was conveniently quick.  Which I was thankful for, as I didn't want to lose any more ep time to the McKay investigation when so many other interesting things were going on.

Overall, an astonishingly good ep in terms of the story arc as a whole, and the development of character relationships.  Oh Sam, Sam, don't trust ANYONE!  Especially not Annie.  Oh actually, trust Gene.


I'd call you a genius but I'm in the room
elfinessy at 2007-04-04 21:18 (UTC) (Link)
Loved Gene in Sam's shirt.
I missed something!!! Which shirt was that?! Was that the brown one? Why is that Sam's? The muse needs to know!

The whole Sam with Frank Morgan is doing my head in. We can see what he's trying to do, so why can't Sam? I've just seen the trailer for next week. I just want to get it over with now, have a damn good cry, and watch the pub episode from the last series to remind myself how lovely and happy it was .....
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2007-04-04 21:27 (UTC) (Link)
Oh all right, it might not be Sam's shirt! (But it is!) I think I just got that impression from the fact that it looks like one of Sam's more than one of Gene's, it was clearly too small for Gene and he doesn't usually wear clothes that are the wrong size, and since he hadn't been home I like to think Sam lent him one to change into when he took off the bloodstained one. Also I like the idea of them swopping clothes!

I'll watch again in a bit, so I'll pay special attention. (And I'll be crying too next week - to be fair, if it was the happiest of funfilled romps, I'd still be blubbering like an idiot!)
I'd call you a genius but I'm in the room
elfinessy at 2007-04-04 22:11 (UTC) (Link)
This week's definitely brought the humour down a notch, sending it somewhere weird and I think that was deliberate - it wasn't comfortable to watch, and I think they're preparing us....
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