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BD laugh

Christmassy vid

Posted on 2009.12.19 at 11:11
Current Mood: coldcold
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Hi flist! God, it's been a while. I'm sorry I've not been around much of late - my online time has been severely restricted by RL being a beeyotch. Reasons for which are complex and misery-inducing, so I'll spare you! Hopefully I'll manage a bit more over Christmas.

Had to share this, though - just as I had no idea where my Christmas spirit was supposed to be coming from, this happens:

Merry Christmas Everyone

(This vid was made by the 6th form at the school where my OH teaches. Bless the lot of them!)

(ps I'm still not sure I understand how to properly link to youtube vids from here - pointers welcome! :) )

Compliments of the season to you all. ♥


msmoat at 2009-12-19 11:24 (UTC) (Link)
Well, it's not properly linked, but I've no clue on how to do that. The vid? Totally worth copying and pasting to get to. *g* That's delightful! It made us laugh. Thanks for posting!

And I do hope the new year brings better things for you.

I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2009-12-19 11:27 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I hope I can be a bit more around here, anyway. I've given up on trying to embed stuff now, and just stuck a normal link in, so at least it's easy to click through to! Technology + me = bad bad thing!

(Aren't they adorable? :D )
callistosh65 at 2009-12-19 11:42 (UTC) (Link)
That was seriously brilliant and had me smiling from start to finish. Well done the lot of them for that!
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2009-12-19 11:57 (UTC) (Link)
They're such a sweet bunch of boys as well. And, according to Tim, all straight - which impresses me, that a group of heterosexual 17-18 year old boys have the level of inner sorted-ness necessary to make what is, let's face it, pretty damn homoerotic stuff! Score one for the UK grammar school system. :)
Mrs Tufty
fawsley at 2009-12-19 11:43 (UTC) (Link)
Hello there! So sorry to hear that RL isn't treating you as well as it should - will keep my fingers crossed that 2010 will behave itself better. Thanks so much for sharing the vid - that put a big smile on my fluey face - silly sweet slashy boys *g*. And thank you also for describing the boys as '6th form' because 'year 13' means absolutely nothing to me whatsoever!

btw am doing a spot of seasonal flist pruning - let me know if you're still happy to be in or feel you've moved on from things LoM these days. It's fine, either way!
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2009-12-19 12:00 (UTC) (Link)
2009 is an arse. Time for a new one now. Sorry you've been struck down by the flu, it's a proper misery. I suppose the best that can be said is at least you should be clear of it for Christmas itself.

(No, no, keep me keep me! :) I haven't moved on from anything - just wish I was a bit more at liberty to get involved.)
severinne at 2009-12-19 16:23 (UTC) (Link)
Awww, that was adorable! And exactly the sort of thing my old lot of sixth formers would have done back when I was still teaching... and here I was thinking slashiness amongst British schoolboys was the exception and not the rule. *silly facepalm*

Sorry to hear that RL has been such a bitch, and I do hope that 2010 is far kinder to your lovely self. *big festive squishes*

Edited at 2009-12-19 16:24 (UTC)
saintvic at 2009-12-19 21:05 (UTC) (Link)
Hey luv. So sorry that RL has been such a pain and I hope that is gets much better right now.

Loved the video, great fun and I love it when people are prepared to play like that.

And Happy Christmas to you as well.
Strike while the irony is hot
draycevixen at 2010-01-06 16:28 (UTC) (Link)

I'm so sorry to hear that RL is continuing to be an arse and thanks so much for sharing the silly, funny and slashy vid.

*hugs you hard and wishes for a better 2010*
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