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Fic: Sources of Inspiration (RPS, J2)

Posted on 2010.07.03 at 14:21
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Ladies and gentlemen... (well, OK, ladies)

*drum roll*

I have committed RPS! Finally. I can now officially book my passage to hell on the special RPS handcart. :D

It's Jared/Jensen, PWP, non-AU and features a certain amount of dirty talk, about 1400 words, smutty and angst-free. Yep, that about sums it up. Here goes, then...

He’s sucking Jared’s cock when it happens.

That’s not the unexpected part. Most days find Jensen in this or some variety of similar position. He’s been down there, on his knees, for about ten minutes now – taking it slow today; he knows he can get Jared off like this in under a minute if he really goes for it, but right now they’ve got time. So he’s sucking lazily, dragging out these totally exquisite little whimpers, relishing the bitter tang of precome as it bursts at intervals across his sensitised tastebuds. Idly practising his deep-throating technique – he’s never going to get the hang of it, his gag reflex too strong to ignore, but Jared certainly doesn’t seem to object to his attempts.

He’s got his right hand on Jared’s ass, his left pushing firmly against his own still denim-clad crotch, aroused but not desperate, not yet. He pulls back, sealing his lips round the very head of Jared’s cock, suckling gently.

Which is when it happens.

“Yeah, Jensen, that’s it,” Jared suddenly rasps out, deep and slurred. “Gonna fuck your face. Such a slut for my cock, aren’t you?”

Jensen freezes. Pulls right off, staring up in astonishment. “I’m sorry, what?”

Jared’s flushed and sweating, head thrown back and hair damp and mussed, and Jensen takes a moment just to appreciate the view. Before...

“God yeah baby, you know you love it, man-whore.”

“Um...” Jensen blinks, pretty much completely thrown, because seriously, man-whore? “Dude...” A thought strikes him. “Oh God. You’ve been reading fanfiction again, haven’t you?” They’ve both glanced at stories on the Internet before now, who wouldn’t? But his co-star keeps going back, drawn in like a moth to light, and it never ends well. OK, there was that one time...but anyway. Jared’s laughing now, big unconstrained guffaws, his still-erect cock jiggling tantalisingly close to Jensen’s face, reminding him just what he’s doing down here.

And Jensen figures if Jared’s still got enough about him to be pulling pranks at a time like this, he’s doing it wrong. Time for a change of plan.

He gets up off his knees, steps in close, sliding up till his head rests lightly against the curve of Jared’s neck. Pulls Jared’s head down so his ear is right next to Jensen’s lips.

“You know, I read one once,” he says softly, conversationally. “Damn good, too. I tied you down, fucked you open with my fingers – not hard, you know, just teasing, bit at a time.”

He lets a beat pass, two. Jared’s not laughing any more. His eyes have fallen closed again, breathing shallow and fast, the most delicious flush darkening his cheekbones. Score one. He decides to up the ante, allows a bit of Dean-Winchester depth to creep into his voice, a hint of Texas twang just because he knows Jared gets off on it.

“Man, you begged so pretty. Real nice, Jare. Wantin’ it all – my mouth, my dick, harder, faster. Till in the end you were just ‘Oh God please Jensen please please need you please fuck me now.’” He lets his voice drop at the end, barely more than a whisper but with a kick to it, gratified by the jolt that slams through the tense body pressed against his. Slowly his hands drift down Jared’s torso, just grazing over the skin, goose bumps rising in the wake of his downward path. He unfastens his own jeans, shoving them down to mid-thigh, crowding into Jared so that their hips, their groins, are practically fused together.

Jared’s watching him now, lower lip caught under his teeth, a little frown line creasing the bridge of his nose. Eyes dark and serious, all pupil. Jensen smiles slightly, promise with an edge of menace. Holds Jared’s gaze as he brings one hand up between their faces, licks wetly across his own palm, twice.

He moves his hand back down, wraps it as far as he can around them both, aligned side by side. Feels Jared swell even further against his own rapidly hardening erection. He strokes firmly, unhurriedly, up and back down their lengths a few times, establishing a rhythm fast enough to send shockwaves of pleasure through them both, but not nearly quick enough to finish the job.

Jared’s head falls back, thunk, against the wall, and he lets out a soft, needy moan that tears straight through Jensen, so that suddenly he’s a lot closer to coming than he thought. He increases the pace a bit, and Jared gasps. “God, Jen...”

“You gon’ beg for me now, Jared?” He drawls the name, making it several syllables longer than it needs to be, eliciting a slightly hysterical laugh.

“Christ, yeah. Anything you want, Jen, just don’t stop – oh damn – that. Ever.”

So, contrarily, Jensen stops. Squeezes hard, pressure almost to the point of pain, feels Jared buck up involuntarily into his grip. “Go on, then,” he says. “Do it.”

He’s underestimated Jared, of course. He’s every bit as adept at working his voice as Jensen is, and he pulls out all the stops now. Drops his tone to a whisper, husky and unbearably arousing, every word defined and sharp, searing into Jensen till his knees threaten to buckle under him.

“Please. Jensen, please. I want – God, your hands – I need this. Need more. Shit, Jen, please, just do it. Make me come.”

And Jensen is lost. He feels Jared’s hands settle on his ass, pushing them closer together. He’s jerking faster now, frantic, the strokes growing more and more arrhythmic as his concentration fragments and shatters. He can feel the tightening and tingling in his balls, revels in the sweep of heat suffusing his body, prickling his skin. In his hand, Jared’s cock is hot, pulse throbbing.

And then, suddenly, he’s there, and his hips snap forward uncontrollably, once, twice, and orgasm hits him in a blinding rush. The increased friction must be what drags Jared over the edge after him, because he lets out this indescribable, incredible sound, thrusts upwards and that’s it. Their combined come spills out over their fingers, the heads of their cocks, intensifying the climax for them both, and they sag bonelessly against each other, riding out the sensation together.


“I read one a while ago,” Jared says into Jensen’s shoulder, “where we met up with Sam and Dean.”

Jensen considers this. “OK, how is that even possible?”

“Not the point,” Jared answers, and Jensen can hear the smile. “Point is, I got it on with Sam. Man, was it hot.”

“Sam? Really? Isn’t that a bit, I don’t know, kind of weird? Like doing yourself?”

“Jensen,” Jared says slowly, gently, in the tone you’d use for speaking to a particularly stupid four-year-old. “They’re fictional characters.”

“Har har.” He’s tempted to flip Jared the finger, but they’re properly tangled together right now, and he can’t be bothered to figure out which hands are whose. There’s a thought niggling at him, though, and he knows he’s going to hate himself for asking, but...

“So, if you did meet them in real life, which would you go for?”

Jared’s answer is immediate. “Oh, Sam, man, totally. I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s smarter, prettier, way cooler...why settle for less?”

“Asshole.” Jensen pulls back, or tries to, struggling to get a hand free so he can give Jared a well-deserved slap upside the head. Jared’s onto him though, figuratively and then literally, rolling them till Jen’s underneath with his hands pinned by his sides.

“Hey Jen?” and Jared’s grip, still firm, has softened now, the words punctuated by light trailing kisses, across Jensen’s jaw and down onto his neck, and Jensen’s starting to lose his train of thought. “How about you? Who’d you choose?”

“Me?” Damn, that was embarrassingly squeaky. He clears his throat, tries again. “Oh, I’m more of a Destiel guy.” Above him, Jared is suddenly and completely still. “Yeah, the chemistry between those two is awesome, don’t you think? Also, Castiel? Smokin’ hot.”

Jared sulks for the rest of the day, broadening the silent treatment later on set to encompass a somewhat mystified Misha. But Jensen’s OK with that.

He’ll make it up to him later.


callistosh65 at 2010-07-03 13:54 (UTC) (Link)
You're here!!! Oh, welcome to the dark side, my darlin'. And this was terrific. Smoking hot - loved your description of Jensen dropping his voice in particular. And the conversation about meeting up with Sam and Dean and the Castiel remark? Genius, and such a chuckle.

That's it, you're in the handbasket with the rest of us now. Just strap yourself in and grab a fan for the heat, okay??
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2010-07-03 14:49 (UTC) (Link)
Heeee! Suddenly I feel like I'm one of the cool kids at last! I've been watching that handcart head on out without me for too long.

Glad you liked it, hun - especially that last part, I think that was my favourite bit. Pretty much wrote itself!

(Just realised I have no J2 icons. Time to rectify that, I think).
callistosh65 at 2010-07-03 14:51 (UTC) (Link)
Just realised I have no J2 icons. Time to rectify that, I think Absolutely! I have a few, so peruse, nab, and credit the same way I have if any take your fancy..
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2010-07-03 15:16 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, I will! That's really kind. So far, I've only snagged this one, not J2 but it just made me howl with laughter.
saintvic at 2010-07-03 16:44 (UTC) (Link)
*flails happily*

Well this story was ridiculously hot. The dirty talk, the description, the way they are affectionate and funny and joking with each other, and everything. Plus the last few lines were brilliant.

p.s. if Misha is still mystified I'm happy to enlighten him.
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2010-07-03 18:44 (UTC) (Link)
Yay! Like I say, this is my first crack at the Js, so I'm really glad you liked the tone of it (and the hotness!)

Sorry I missed your birthday, btw, I was going to do some smutty birthday!fic but the time eluded me. Hope you had a great day. ♥
saintvic at 2010-07-03 23:32 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks luv, I did have a good day and am relaxing into my mini holiday very very easily.
chemm80 at 2010-07-03 18:45 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, nice. Dirty talking is such a weird and difficult thing to pull off--there's a very fine line between "hot as fire" and, as Jensen says, "I'm sorry, what?" Very nice job. Hot in the middle and funny at the end.
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2010-07-03 19:21 (UTC) (Link)
there's a very fine line between "hot as fire" and, as Jensen says, "I'm sorry, what?"

Yeah, exactly. All that 'slut' and 'whore' business is great as long as it's set up properly, but otherwise can feel horribly OOC. That's what inspired this fic, actually - I found myself stabbing frantically at the back button when the unfeasible dirty talk kicked off in a fic I was reading!

I'm really happy that you felt I got it about right here. And that the end was funny! Thanks for commenting. :)
laraneia at 2010-07-05 09:22 (UTC) (Link)
Very nice, and the end made me laugh! :D
and then we lit it on fire
electricalgwen at 2010-07-05 20:47 (UTC) (Link)
Hee! Hot and delightful (I can just imagine poor mystified Misha. *g*)
full frontal nerdity
simplybeing at 2010-07-25 08:05 (UTC) (Link)
This was absolutely fantastic! I LOVED IT. (And heads up: I recced it in j2_recs!)
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2010-07-25 09:09 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you - for liking, and for reccing. Also for the link to your recs page - I think you've just written off the rest of my day! :D
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