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WOO - HOOOOO!!! \O/\O/

Posted on 2013.10.25 at 17:24
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Probably a flying visit, but this is one of those occasions where the RL world can't fully appreciate the depth of my squee!

Got a voicemail this afternoon from my hubby, saying could I phone him asap as he needed to ask me something. Not going to lie, alarm bells rang, but I took a deep breath and called back.

Apparently, in the absence of my response, he took a chance and has got us -

tickets to see Twelve Angry Men in Worcester, the week before it hits the West End. With Martin Shaw in the lead role, and featuring Robert Vaughn! How happy am I? WOOTWOOTWOOTWOOTWOOOTWOOOOOTWOOOOTTT!!!!!!!!! *BOUNCES* THAT'S HOW HAPPY!!!

So yep, there's that. :D


moonlightmead at 2013-10-31 14:08 (UTC) (Link)
Hey, how lovely!

I have seen it once and intend to go again - it's an effective piece of drama anyway, and the cast are uniformly good - and some are excellent. Martin Shaw and Robert Vaughn are both in their element. Best wishes for an enjoyable evening: I am sure it will be.
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