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dark Dean

Fic: One Hundred and Eighty (LoM)

Posted on 2007.06.12 at 12:10
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Title: One Hundred and Eighty
Author: bistokids 
Rating: blue Cortina
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Spoilers: no
A/N: written for the 1973flashfic sports challenge. Archived here so I might actually be able to find it again. Gene introduces Sam to one of his hobbies.

Gene 301 Sam 301

"Come on, Gladys. You seriously telling me you’ve never, not ever, played darts before?"

"Frankly, I’ve never really seen the point. Suppresses giggle Pardon the pun."

Narrows eyes "Exactly how many’ve you had?"

"Not enough. I’m sitting down now."

"Oh don’t be such a girl. Give it a try. You never know, you might actually have fun. If that word’s in your vocabulary."

"I don’t – I’m not – I’d really rather – oh, can’t we just have a bloody drink?"



"I’ll give you a head start if you want."

"I’ll manage fine without your charity, thanks."

"Fair enough. You playing then?"

Grumpily "Oh, I suppose so, if it’ll shut you up. What’s in it for me?"

"Winner’s choice?" leers

Rolls eyes "Oh, very mature. Fine, you’re on."

Gene 224 Sam 295

"Any time you’re ready to stop that ridiculous cackling, maybe we can carry on."

Wipes eyes "No no, Sam, that was – well, for a first go anyway. You even got the board. Eventually."

"Look, if you’re going to be a patronising git all night, I’m going to sit down."

"All right, Doris, keep your frillies on. Where’s that other arrow anyway?"

"Over ‘ere boss. Nearly had Phyllis’ eye out." General mirth.

"Well, you may be God’s gift to the darts world, but your maths leaves plenty to be desired. I think you’ll find that 301 take away 3 is 298."

"And I think you’ll find that was a double 3. That’s what it means when you get it in that little gap. So you can keep your know-it-all bloody comments to yourself."

"Oh right. So those little spaces mean you get double points? You could have told me that before."

"Yeah well, when you’ve mastered hitting the board we’ll concentrate on the tricky bits, all right?"



Gene 143 Sam 258

"You little bastard."

"Sorry Guv. I was just trying to get a closer look at the technique of the master. My hand slipped."

"Your hand slips anywhere near there again and you’ll be trying to work out how to finish the game with missing fingers."

"Temper, temper."

Gene 63 Sam 152

"So what does that mean then, when it goes in that little circle in the middle?"

"Bullseye. That’s fifty. You sure you haven’t played before, Tyler?"

"Must be beginners luck. And that bit’s a double, so that must be 36 instead of 18. Is that right? I’m still not sure I’ve got the hang of this scoring."

"That’s cos you’re a miserable charmless git. Never had any problems scoring myself."

Softly "You want to come outside and repeat that?"

"Oy, you pack that in right now."

"Or you’ll…?"

"Just concentrate on the bloody game, all right?"


Gene 12 Sam 0

"You total utter miserable cheating piece of shit bloody bastard."


"You’ve had me over, haven’t you, you devious little toerag."

"Look, seriously, ow. Let go a minute."

"Sod that. You told me you’d never played before."

"Well, actually, to be more accurate, I implied I never played before."

"You said you didn’t see the point."

"I don’t. Well, I didn’t. Winner’s choice, I think it was?"

"You’ve got a bloody nerve. What of it?"


"You have got to be kidding me. I’m not doing that."



"Maybe so, but I won. Fair and square. So, my place, one hour. And don’t forget the handcuffs."


dorsetgirl at 2007-06-12 12:47 (UTC) (Link)
Love it! I love that you totally haven't specified how far they've got in their relationship, except that the handcuffs bit at the end rather suggests quite a long way.
I, being poor, have only my dreams.
bistokids at 2007-06-12 17:42 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I'd say the whole slash thing is still a bit on the new side here, although it's hard to tell. I can't imagine Gene and Sam ever being anything other than what they are, no matter how long they've been together.

Thanks for the comment - glad you liked it!:D
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